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Flow State Basketball  

Elevating Your Game, Mastering Your Mind

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Mental Performance Training for Basketball Players, Teams and Coaches

Regardless of whether you're an amateur or a seasoned pro, learning how to consistently enter your flow state is the key to enhance your performance on and off,both in your athletic endeavors and beyond. If you're ready to elevate your results, schedule your complimentary one-on-one introductory session.

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Basketball is a sport that demands both mental and physical commitment from athletes on offense and defense. The outcome of games often hinges on the final few possessions, making it crucial for players to maintain calm, yet confident composure in closing out games.

To excel in basketball, athletes must cultivate a mindset that enables them to focus effectively, sustain high levels of intensity, and stay emotionally grounded during competition.

Regrettably, players can sometimes sabotage themselves by doubting their abilities and allowing negative thoughts to hinder their performance. This can lead to a downward spiral, eroding self-confidence and the trust in themselves, their coach and their team, ultimately impacting their playing time.

At Flow State Basketball, we specialize in helping basketball players silence their inner critic and manage performance-related anxiety. Our services commonly address:

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What Our Clients are Saying

“Coach Dave completely turned our son's confidence around. He went from thinking he was an average role player, to a leader and top scorer on his team. Coach Dave postive mental approach changed everything for our son.”


Jonathan O.

“I have been in youth coaching for 30 years and have never seen a coach of the kind of impact he has had on the athletes he works with. Not only did he change the way the look at themselves and perform in sports but several life lessons included. Our family is very greatful for Coach Dave”


Pat B.

“Coach Dave's mental coaching helped keep our son positive and playing up to his potential as a basketball player. We thank him for modeling such a postive and growth based approach for our athlete.”


Kerri S.

“Throughout the course and then working with Coach Dave privately, his approach with our son helped so much with confidence, mental toughness and the ability to overcome setbacks.”


Maria D.


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What makes Mental Performance Training crucial in Basketball?


Creating Your Flow State Plan

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Just as you wouldn't construct a house without a set of plans, you shouldn't enhance your mental game without a clear understanding of what needs improvement.

The Flow State Assessment dissects your mindset into 7 crucial Mental Skills. These skills are essential for establishing a solid foundation and achieving success in the mental aspect of your game.

This breakdown allows us to identify which mental skills should be the focus of your program and ensures that you remain accountable for making progress.

Our 7 Step Lesson Plan Taking your Confidence and Mental Toughness to Unbreakable Levels


We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Elite Mindset

Learn what an Elite Mindset is for an athlete. The differences betweena growth and fixed mindset and strategies used to create the highest level of mindset for an athlete.




Focus and Awareness. 

Strategies to help athletes consistently stay in the present moment and enter the flow state. Focus on the importance of competing one task at a time during competition and practice.




The cornerstone of a high-level athlete. Learn the steps and methods it takes to gain confidence and more importantly, keep confident throughout.



Process Over Outcome. 

Learn the importance of creating a process over outcome approach. Focusing on outcome only can be very harmful for athletes and learn the steps necessary to be focused on the process of your sport.


Total Control.  

Take steps and learn the strategies of self-control and discipline so athletes can calmly evaluate different challenges and make the best decisions.




Athlete Identity. 

One of the most valuable tools and athlete can have. In this lesson we go through exact steps that created the Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba.




Unleashing the new version of yourself out into your field of play and realize the power of finding and staying the in “Flow State”. Taking the lasting lessons from this training and sustaining its teachings throughout your career and life.


Personalize Your Flow State Plan

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Having a good plan is essential, but it's not enough without the right tools. For instance, you may have tried generic advice from sports culture like "stay positive," "forget about it," or "don't worry about it."

However, relying solely on these quick fixes is akin to building a house out of straw—it's not sustainable and will crumble under pressure and adversity.
Instead, you should construct your mental game, much like a brick house, using practical and personalized strategies that yield consistent and dependable results.

We offer three sets of tools primarily used through our lessons, and while you may not need to use all of them, it's crucial to build your personalized mental toolbox based on your blueprint and current needs.


Short and Long Term Results

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Following steps 1 and 2 can yield quick results, but discontinuing your efforts will lead to a gradual loss of benefits. Just like a brick house requires maintenance and updates, the mental game demands ongoing work and refinement—it's a perpetual process.

This journey involves continuous self-awareness, exploration, and personal growth. Over time, you'll find the need to evolve and enhance your alter ego and reset routine. It's also essential to regularly adjust your personalized scorecard, imagery scripts, and core priorities to align with your evolving needs.

At Flow State Basketball, we employ several milestones to make the mental game more tangible and to encourage your commitment to ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Individual Coaching Programs for Basketball Players


Our coaching services cater to youth, amateur, and professional basketball players.
Sessions can be conducted through courses, in person, via Zoom, or over the phone, scheduled according to your convenience and requirements. You begin with a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one introductory session, during which your coach will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable program for you. Typically, the first 1 on 1 or group session in your program lasts 1 hour, followed by 30–45-minute sessions thereafter. Of course, our self-guided courses are always available for all levels as well for those that want to tackle mental performance at their own pace. For amateur basketball players, the following options are available:

Explore Our Membership and Coaching Packages

Explore Our Membership and Coaching Packages

Enhance Athlete Membership

Self-Guided Course


Full Access On-demand course coaching designed for basketball players

~ Full Unlimited Online Course Access

~ All workbooks and tools provided

~ Weekly Articles and Coaching Resources

~ Access on mobile

~ Discounted Upgrade Options for 1 on 1 Coaching

~ Monthly Live Group Coaching Call

~ Email Support

~ Community Membership with live trainings

~ Flat one Time Fee for Course of $349


Ignite Athlete Membership


With 1 on 1 Coaching


Full Access On Demand Course Coaching Plus:

~ Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1 on 1 calls

~ All Enhance Membership Benefits

~ Coaching specifically designed for the players needs and requirements.

~ Ongoing Mentorship

~ Access To All Online Programs and Additional Workbooks

~ Unlimited Messaging

~ Customized Action Plan

~ Text Message Support

~No Contract Cancel Anytime


Elite Coach and Athlete Program Memberships


Designed for Coaches and Athletic Programs


Full Access On Demand Courses Coaching Plus:

~ Weekly coaching calls

~ Ability for 1 on 1 Coaching Calls or Program Calls focused on teaching mental performance techniques to your athletes and students.

~ Access to All Online Programs and Workbooks

~ Additional Resources and Private Invites to events, calls and online programs.

~ Monthly Evaluation and Progress Checks

~ No contract. Cancel anytime.

~ Text Message Support

~ Access to Sport Specific Resources and Guides

~ Private Sport Specific Group Call Access



Flow State Basketball

Elevating Your Game, Mastering Your Mind

Mental Performance Training for Basketball Players, Teams and Coaches


To attain Elite Performance, you must possess the mental strength necessary to enter and stay in  the FLOW STATE. That's why we specialize in cultivating personalized and actionable strategies that yield consistent and dependable outcomes.

Regardless of whether you're an amateur or a seasoned pro, our principles and methodologies are designed to enhance your performance on the court and overall quality of life—both in your athletic endeavors and beyond. If you're ready to elevate your results, schedule your complimentary one-on-one introductory session.


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